Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Experiencing Sabbath

I wrote to A today that, "When I walked in the woods and through the arboretum this afternoon, I realized that I really want to stay here. We can re-make our yard at home bit-by-bit, and the house too, and we have lots of nature/natural beauty around, and I think I have to re-learn how to work in this culture, to remake my understanding and passion and focus. I love it here."
Her response was, "Ah-ha. I've been waiting for you to really say that. Good. Now we can get on with the so-called 'real life' I've been hearing about ... Thanks. Love you, A."

This realization came to me because I've become very interested in boulders for the yard, and a small pond, and native plants (plus some that aren't native...I'm not a purist but I'm trying to avoid the invasive species now that I know better). I don't want to do the work of re-making the yard if we're not hoping to stay here. Also, I thought it was funny that A picked out a house in another town she was considering for a job, and the house seemed quite similar to ours.

A sabbath can be a resting point in one's mind when one feels resistant. It can be the pointer for something that doesn't need to be changed. That still, quiet place in which I feel settled and suddenly tranquil. Sabbath can reside in the response of a loved one to a deeply-felt realization.

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