Sunday, June 3, 2007

Caution: Deep Listening at work

How do we listen each other into being?

In one meeting I heard a deep fear voiced; I heard the reassurance that this fear would not be realized; yet I knew that the action had already been taken and that the original speaker's fear was indeed realistic; s/he had a valued task taken away. In this same meeting, we were asked for specific examples of lack of openness, honesty, and integrity.

How can I bring this to the collective attention without making accusations? How can I help all of the parties think through the issues and come to a solution which works for each and all? It sounded as if the decisions had been made--but were they irrevocable? Can the decisions be re-made after deep listening to one another, followed by a problem-solving process?

Attention and presence, the thoughts of Mary Rose O'Reilley about spiritual friendship/companioning in Radical Presence, are also the underlying constructs for conflict management.

Let me be led.

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