Friday, September 7, 2012

Libguides 2

I just read the following article on best practices for Libguides:
Ouellelte, D. (2011). Subject Guides in Academic Libraries: A User-Centred Study of Uses and Perceptions. Canadian Journal Of Information & Library Sciences, 35(4), 436-451.

Purpose and context: The articles I skimmed in the literature indicate that most Libguides users have the same mission/vision/definition problem we do – they are used for courses, disciplines, entire library websites, information literacy tutorials, library marketing, you name it.

Design of content: the focus group results I conducted in May replicated (almost) everything in the article—and I’ve modified my guides accordingly to the best of my ability. One of the things that is disabled in GVSU's Libguides that students told me they wanted (& so did students in the article) is left navigation, instead of tabs across the top.

The article has a lot of very useful student feedback on design.

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