Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gamification 5 - CAP 115

In order to help the students focus on the search strategies, I reworked the form:

Team members names:_____________________________________________________

Title 1:__________________________________________________________________

Subjects or keywords if title isn’t sufficient to judge relevance:____________________

A. Relevance: 10 points for each source related to topic: _____ (0-10)

B. Database used to find this title:_____________________________________________

Write down the search which gave you the title listed above:

Indicate the limiter boxes you checked if not obvious above:

Indicate the following in your search above:

C. Used “Boolean operator” OR with synonyms; 1 point for each relevant synonym: _____ (0-3)

D. Used limiters such as truncation or wild cards, date range, quotation marks for
phrases, language, scholarly or peer reviewed: 1 point for each type of limiter: _____ (0-4)

E. Used subject headings/terms/words dropdown; 1 point for each: _____ (0-3)

(repeat for Titles 2-3)

TOTAL for all Titles: _____ (0-60)

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