Saturday, March 25, 2017

Wildflowers 2017

6/20/17 in Blandford and on drive to work
Vetch, peas, yarrow, yellow cinquefoil, black medic, chicory

6/6/17 in Blandford
White: Bladderwort campion, blackberries, ox-eye daisies, daisy fleabane, clover
Yellow:  Goat's beard
Pink/purple: Dame's rocket

5/14/17 in Kalamazoo Nature Center
White: Mayflowers, Baneberry, Squirrel corn, Trillium, Canada white violets
Yellow: Golden Ragwort, Buttercups, Golden Alexanders, Winter cress, Yellow violets
Pink/purple: Redbud, Wild Geranium, Violets (common)
Red: Columbine
Blue: Phlox
Green: Jack-in-the-Pulpit

5/12/17 and 5/14 in Blandford
Yellow: Winter cress (non-native), Indian strawberry, buttercups
White: honeysuckle, wild strawberry
Purple: ground ivy (Creeping Charlie)

5/7/17 in Aman Park
White: Squirrel corn, False rue anemone, Trillium, Canada white violets
Yellow: Large-flowered Bellwort, Yellow violets
Pink/purple: Phlox, Redbud, Wild Geranium, Spring beauties, Violets (common)
Blue: VA bluebells
Green: Blue cohosh, Jack-in-the-Pulpit
Maroon: Wild ginger

4/22/17 - 5/5/17 in Houston
Cloudless giant sulphur butterfly

4/17 in Aman Park
White: bloodroot, Dutchman's britches, spring cress, false rue anemone, cut-leaved toothwort, hepatica, trillium, Canada white violets
Yellow: trout lilies, dandelions
Pink/purple: spring beauties, violets (common)
Blue: VA bluebells are budded
Green: ramps, blue cohosh budded
Maroon: wild ginger budded

4/10: hepatica, spring cress, spring beauties, anemone, ramps in the North Ravines, GVSU
4/5:   both purple and white violets in Blandford.
3/24: 1st hepaticas blooming in Aman Park.

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