Thursday, May 22, 2014

LOEX 2014 Conference, 2

"Look at it this way: scaffolding critical evaluation using images & ads"

Visual brain is older than our analytical brain.
Photo-elicitation = get different types of responses via visuals
Visual lit = using photo-elicitation in libraries
e.g., a necklace on a plain background = "just the facts" - no people, no emotional content, audience/target = less clear
Lesson plan:
  1. critically evaluate an image, using the following questions: audience, mood, perspective, purpose, point of view, authority
  2. read a short news article (words only)
  3. complete worksheet critically evaluating article with same criteria as for the image

Modified the COM 101 libguide to add a tutorial on identifying the components of scholarly articles from NCSU, & Com Studies/MS libguide to include an interactive guide to lit reviews from Harvard.

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