Thursday, May 8, 2014

Birds & Wildflowers

Yesterday I was only a few steps into Aman Park when I realized I was surrounded by warblers. Here's the certain list:
  • Yellow-rumped "Myrtle"
  • Pine
  • Nashville 
  • Black-throated Green. 
I'm not sure if I was seeing
  • Black and White Warblers or Blackpolls; 
  • Black-throated Blues or Ceruleans. 
Without my books or binoculars, it was hard to tell.
Other birds: mockingbird, titmice (one followed me around), nuthatches (white-breasted), downy woodpeckers, red-breasted woodpeckers, robins, thrushes singing (never know if they're wood or hermit), chickadees. There are now black squirrels in the park.

Newly blooming wildflowers: Jack-in-the-Pulpits, Large-flowered bellwort.

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