Friday, October 12, 2012

Gamification 9: Photography & learning styles

Based on the book chapter by Penny de Byl and Jeffrey Brand, "Designing games to motivate student cohorts through targeted game genre selection" in Handbook of research on improving learning and motivation through educational games: Multidisciplinary approaches edited by P. Felicia (Hershey, PA: IGI Global, 2011, 567-582), I modified the exercise for Photography (CPH) 279 to incorporate the "strategy games" which suits the typical learning style of photographers (divergers/reflectors). Table 3 indicates that the "typical action" for strategy games would be to "build [a] nation in competition with others" by "analysing interdependent variables (576)."


As Photography majors, you are setting your artistic vision into the photographic context, gaining skills to refine & further craft that vision.

Your assignment is to: Research a photographer whose work inspires you currently in photography. Research the photographer in order to find out more about his/her work. This is not a biographical paper, but learning about the photographer’s life and cultural milieu may provide insight into the work.

During today’s class session, think of this as a game: You’ll compose an image of the photographer’s work by finding information on him/her and his/her work. You are building a picture of the photographer’s artistic world.

Manipulate the impression/image of her/his work by structuring your search strategy:
· where
· words
· word order (first name first?)
· specialized search techniques

You also manipulate the impression by the sources you choose:
Full text
· Get it @GVSU
· Document Delivery
and in how you communicate your intention:
· citing sources, including images

You each have a worksheet. You can trade search tips with each other, ask questions, and by the end of class, you should have a better understanding of information resources and a fuller picture of a photographer’s work.

Getting expert help:
· librarian, library website, subject guide for Photo, research handout
· peer research consultants: 1st floor Zumberge Sunday-Thursday 4:00-10:00
· Writing Center

Here is the form the students will fill out:

Analyze variables to build the identity of a photographer & an impression of her/his work.

1. Photographer’s name: ___________________________________________________
2. Living or dead? Time period of life/work:_____________________________
3. Country/Nationality: ________________________________________________
4. Best known for photography, film, or other? Is there a particular style associated with him/her? ________________________________________________________________
5. Well-known – lots of info? How many books at GVSU about this photographer? _____________
6. List call #s: ____________________________________________________________
7. Not as well known? Use Databases on Subject Guide for Photography—how many articles can you find? List databases used, number of relevant articles in each (email articles to yourself), search tips:
______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
8. Can’t find anything? Use “Find articles, books, & more.” How many results which are relevant? How did you narrow the results to get relevant items? (save citations into folder & email to yourself)
______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
9. Still nothing, or want that extra tidbit? Websites—urls and/or tites (no more than 2):
______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
They'll get a "research tips" handout at the end of the class.

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