Thursday, November 5, 2009

"New" music

Yesterday I attended a concert by GVSU's New Music Ensemble. They performed "In C" by Terry Riley, a "minimalist masterpiece" completed in 1964. Their new CD, "In C Remixed," got a great review in the Newsweek (October 12, 2009). The composition was printed on the back of the program--it is 53 measures long & each musician must start at the beginning and go forward in order, but is free to decide when to begin playing, how many times to repeat the measure, what octave to play it in, what variations to play, etc. What could be chaotic is instead richly layered, both rhythmically & harmonically, sometimes sounding like John Adams, sometimes like whale songs, sometimes just like itself. It was beautiful.

When I returned to the office, I realized that we didn't own the cd, & am ordering it for the Library. Thus what was originally just an ordinary liaisoning event became a collection development opportunity.


Andy Hanson said...


I was intrigued by your article Meeting the Seventh-day Adventists in the September 2009 Friends Journal. (My wife attends the midweek and Sunday Meeting here in Chico, CA.) I abridged the article on Reinventing the Adventist Wheel blog without your permission. The editor, appropriately, in my opinion, but without consulting me, gave you credit for a “guest post”. Take a look at my attempt to abridge your article for blog consumption. If you don’t approve the post, it will be taken down immediately. I’m hoping, however, that you will allow it to remain. I blog at Adventist Perspective and Spectrum.

I did the deed in the spirit of your last lines: “This study with a worship group so different from my own certainly led me to a different understanding of what it means to be a Quaker, and I'm grateful I had the opportunity to do so as part of a recorded ministry. Now I am glad to share the results of my experience with others.”

I’m hoping that the “others” can include SDA’s. Your article provided a thoughtful and accurate look at a traditional Adventist community. That “look” is extremely important as 21st century progressive Adventists attempt to make our fellowship more Christian and more Quaker is ways that will be apparent if you check out the blogs I mentioned. (By the way, there is an Adventist gay and lesbian organization called Kinship that is actively working with others of us to change the attitudes that you so rightly and righteously condemn.)

I did not identify you as a lesbian because SDA members, most in need of a change of attitude, might dismiss your words with prejudice. If, however, you feel that this information is important, it will be included.

Finally, in your article you mention that you wrote “an essay addressing the SDA position” that you shared with only two other people because, “as an outsider I could [not] affect a real change.” I believe that that article, along with this one, can be a real change agent, and I would be delighted to post that article, with an introduction by me, on any Adventist blog you fine most appropriate.

Enjoyed your blog, by the way, and apologize for sending this missive as a comment. Didn’t know your email address.

Best wishes, Andy Hanson

Andy Hanson said...

My email address is I had to leave off the blog addresses for Reinventing the Adventist Wheel, Adventist Perspective, and Spectrum in order to leave a comment. You should have no trouble locating them. Once again, best wishes, Andy