Thursday, March 19, 2009


A journal to which I subscribe sent me a call for articles for special issues earlier this year, so I proposed an article: "I spent 2 years studying and worshiping with the Seventh-day Adventists as a Quaker in their midst, and was recorded as a Minister of Ecumenism in the Grand Rapids Friends Meeting (MI) for this period. I documented the "particular challenges" and how I met them, as I "strove to keep my outward life in harmony with my faith" as a recorded member of the Friends. I propose an article on what I learned and how I grew through these encounters: how we might meet each other within Christianity and across denominations, crossing boundaries in order to learn about the other, but not violating the integrity of either practice."

This journal ask writers to send a query email before submitting an article. I finished writing the article but haven't heard back from the editor--it's been 10 days. How long do I wait for a response?

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