Wednesday, February 11, 2009

IL reflection Q's for teaching

Just read the following article, which had some great ideas for facilitating critical thinking & reflection in information literacy. It's important to allow the students to answer the questions, not to jump in & answer them yourself as the instructor.

Wallace, Amy. "Information Literacy Instruction: Beyond Measurable Outcomes." LOEX Quarterly. Volume 35(2). (Summer 2008)

"As librarians that facilitate learning, we need to think about the questions we ask students, how we react to the answers, and reflect on who answers them. I believe that there are some fundamental questions, not dependent on discipline or level, which can help with reflection" (8). ...
  • "...who has a stake in the information you are seeking? This question gets people thinking about how information is produced, housed,controlled, and then of course why there is not yet a one-stop shop to efficiently locate information.
  • would you describe the perfect piece(s) of information you are seeking? This will help people think about how they might go about evaluating format, relevance, and content along the way instead of finding unrelated items and trying to make things work" (9).
Wallace also gives some reflection questions for teaching plagiarism, including this last, "Ultimately, the students are asked to consider what happens if the stated author is not really the author." E.g., what if one world leader wrote the article instead of another; what if a team or writers was responsible rather than one person; & unasked but understood: how would your prof feel if you submit work that you didn't write (10)?

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