Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Still more tension

Had a good chat with my sis last night--I feel much relieved, supported and loved. Want to sit with things for awhile before I talk to the middle sis.

What happens to folks who call themselves religious yet do not practice "love your neighbor as yourself?" Well, I have theories about how well they love themselves, based on their actions toward others.

What is intended for us in our situation, trying to do our daily tasks as they come to us, trying to make meaning? Perhaps to realize the love pouring to us from friends, perhaps to fight an injustice being done. Definitely to turn to each other with love. To listen for that still small voice in the midst of anguish. Hard to let go of the "why are they doing this?" question. Hard to keep in mind that they are wounded themselves and so are deserving of some compassion -- even as we are setting our boundaries by refusing to take into ourselves the results of that woundedness.

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