Friday, December 14, 2007

Quiet period

Sorry for the long period of quiet...I haven't felt like I had anything pithy or even interesting to write. Trying to tie up loose ends at work--exploring databases for my liaison areas and ordering new library materials, trying to resolve format issues for our library faculty annual report with the development & retention committee, dialoguing about how to conduct the personnel reviews coming up next semester, choosing the recipient of the Pew Excellence Award for Library Faculty. A new and exciting project involves working with the LGBT Resource Center to create its library--they're lucky to have a grad assistant who has library acquisitions experience.

What I've been reading lately: a Celtic fantasy called Darkhenge by Catherine Fisher--what I would call fantastical realism, where myth and contemporary world intersect and where the conscious and subconscious cross; and "inspirational" novels about the Amish by Beverly Lewis. I've been wondering why the novels about Plain folks appeal so much to me. I like modern conveniences, my Quaker community and beliefs, wearing pants rather than skirts, individuality, my lesbian marriage. Maybe it is the appeal of the "other" who can seem so different and yet can still have the same types of emotional quandaries I do.

I'm looking forward to my days off between Dec. 21 and Jan 1 and yet I already know it won't seem long enough. My wealth of friends and family means traveling on both weekends. In between, I hope to read more novels (!), walk in the woods, and bake. Oh, and help A with her portfolio, as she needs/requests, but to stay out of it until asked.

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