Tuesday, July 10, 2007

anxieties & tools

Pre-wedding anxieties times two? Ya, you betcha. I was reminded yesterday that I need to do what I believe in terms of practicing kindness & not practicing revenge (the latter always smacks me in the face), and that kindness starts & ends at home (and especially includes the car, since A & I carpool). I'm so glad I took a course on conflict management, but do I remember those tools when the heat is on and my feelings are hurt? Of course not. I remember them when A cries. I also remember what I've learned from Friends Meeting and study with the Seventh-day Adventists when I have time to think and be rational, not when I'm feeling unpleasant.

What news on the library end? After our first year with a collection development vendor, yesterday I finished comparing the profile I had set up for my liaison areas with what was purchased, revised the profile, and put some items I had overlooked into a folder for later purchase. Use the tools, human!

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