Friday, February 2, 2018

Library Instruction and liaising reflections

Revised way to approach first-year Writing 150:

·     I started by talking about the specific assignment itself, then concept maps as a way to diagram ideas and relate them to each other, showed one with circles intersecting, added synonyms and more ideas.
·     A different way of doing them is via rows because library databases process their ideas in this way. (Defined a database as a grouping of information sources, like the categories of contacts in their phones.)
·     Talked about truncation as a wildcard to substitute for other letters (or cards in a game) to shorten words to their trunk or root and swap in the *.
·     I showed the process of searching for 1 word, then adding synonyms with OR, getting more results via our “Find articles, books, & more” or a single box in Academic Search Premier. Then how ASP has 3 boxes with AND automatically between the rows. When we start adding ideas, we get fewer results and the more ideas we add, the fewer results there are.
·     Then using the left menu to further narrow the results with dates, subjects, disciplines, types of information, language. Pointed out the kinds of ideas that showed up in the articles, and how the left menu subjects matched those in the citations.
·     Putting sources in folders, opening the folder, and emailing the sources in the “MLA citation format.” (Defined: list of sources at the end of the essay, bibliography, works cited, citations, style)
·     Use Get it @ if there is no PDF, HTML, or Linked Full Text available 
·     Go to the Library, Subject Guides, WRT 150 for your research. Explore the Articles/Databases and apply the ideas you learned.
·    As I helped individual students, I noticed that one was very probably a veteran, so I 
    listened carefully to her question, gently encouraged her choice of topic, and praised the
    way she had completed the form.

·     Finally, how to use parentheses to group synonyms with a single search box, e.g., (biking OR bicycl*) AND (commut*) AND (health* OR wellness) AND safety

Many of the students didn’t have an idea for their essay yet, and I encouraged them to work on this and complete the worksheet before the next class period.

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