Saturday, April 23, 2016


6/2/16, Blandford Nature Center:
White: Campion, blackberries
Yellow: Goat's beard

5/20/16, Aman Park:
White:  Mayapple,s False Solomon's Seal, False Lily-of-the-Valley, Wild Strawberries
Yellow:  Golden Alexanders
Red: Columbine
Pink/white: Honeysuckle

5/17/16,  Blandford Nature Center:
Pink/purple: Dame's Rocket

5/8/16, Blandford Nature Center:
Blue: phlox
Green: Jack-in-the-Pulpits
Yellow:  Marsh Marigolds, Winter Cress, Buttercups, Downy yellow violets
White:  Trillium, Squirrel corn, Canada white violets, False Rue Anemone
Pink/purple: wild geraniums, spring beauties, violets

brown - Garter snake!

5/5/16, Aman Park:
White: Canada white violets, squirrel corn
Pink/purple: wild geranium

4/29/16, Blandford Nature Center:
Pink/purple: wild geraniums

4/27/16, Blandford Nature Center:
Yellow: winter cress and downy yellow violets

4/22/16, at Aman Park, I saw: myrtle (not a wildflower), redbud trees blooming, and:

White: bloodroot, trillium, Dutchman's breeches, cut-leaved toothwort, false rue anemone
Yellow: dandelion, trout lilies, buttercups, large-flowered bellwort
Pink/purple: spring beauties, spring cress, violets
Green: blue cohosh
Maroon: wild ginger

I was sorry to have missed the hepatica blooming.

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