Friday, March 11, 2016

Advertising psychographics databases

SRDS database is not really being supported well; it is a "failing" database as far as I am concerned. However, its Local Market Audience Analyst reports data comes from Nielsen Demographics and PRIZM Segmentation, and Experian Simmons Lifestyle data. has the following info:

Nielsen Claritas PRIZM is the industry-leading consumer segmentation system which defines every U.S. household in terms of 66 demographic and behavior types or segments, identifying those consumers' likes, dislikes, lifestyles, and purchase behaviors.
Nielsen ConneXions
Nielsen Financial CLOUT
Nielsen P$YCLE
(See Databases folder, Nielsen Segmentation E-Resource Discovery Checklist)

Experian Simmons (Experian SimmonsLOCAL) is a powerful targeting and profiling system that provides insights into individual consumer behavior on a local level for all of America's 210 media markets, with 60,000+ data variables, including over 450 categories and 8,000 specific brands.

Excellent tutorials are available: Business Blog of the Ohio University Libraries site: at "Browse by Topic," click on the "SimplyMap" tag in the word cloud to retrieve all of the videos.

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