Friday, August 15, 2014

Journal on Excellence in College Teaching

Use this article as a model (in Sabbatical folder)
Biswas, A. E. (2014). Lessons in Citizenship: Using Collaboration in the Classroom to Build Community, Foster Academic Integrity, and Model Civic Responsibility. Journal On Excellence In College Teaching, 25(1), 9-25.

Look for this article:

Wismath, S., Orr, D., & Good, B. (2014).Metacognition: Student Reflections on Problem Solving
Journal On Excellence In College Teaching, 25(2).

Integration: Integrates research of others in meaningful way; compares or contrasts theories; critiques results; and/or provides context for future exploration.
Innovation: Proposes innovation of theory, approach, or process of teaching; provides original and creative ideas based on results of research by self or others; and outlines proposed strategy for testing effectiveness of ideas.
Inspiration: Provides inspiration for teaching excellence; combines personal values, insight, and experience to communicate enthusiasm and dedication to outstanding teaching.

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