Monday, July 30, 2012

Gamification 2 - CAP 115

After talking the scoring over with Kyle Felker, & understanding that the items which are the most important should have the most points, here are the changes in scoring the game:
  • Relevance of 1st 10 results: 1 pt for each article on topic = 0-10 points
  • Target number of articles closest to (to be determined by students) X = 0-5 points
  1. 3 points: within 3-5
  2. 2 points: within 6-10
  3. 0 points: more than 11 away from the target number

  • Used Boolean Operators AND/OR/NOT = 0-5 points
  • Used limiters such as truncation or wild cards, date range, quotation marks for phrases, language, or scholarly or peer reviewed (1 points for each type of limiter) = 0-5 points
  • Used subject headings/words/terms (1 points for each box) = 0-3 points
  •  Used Advanced search option = 0-2 points
Total: 0-30

Next steps: try it out with the student assistants & ask them about the target number of articles, about which rewards will have the most effect, such as extra credit points, etc., for winning.

So, what makes it a game? Rules, decisions that players have to make to get points, and the points themselves.

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