Thursday, May 20, 2010

WILU 2010 Conference: Lightning Strikes/Birds of a Feather

"Lightning Strikes" were 7-minute presentations to the whole group. I liked the format.

"Building educational video games for non-programmers," Sarah Forbes, U-T Scarborough.
They used (mac-based). The gamesalad creations can also become apps for the iPhone/iPad. Game Maker (Yo Yo Games) is the equivalent pc-based software.

"Legal Research Literacy--blended learning & learning community strategies," Julie Lavigne, Univ of Ottawa Law Library.
Use 2 models:
Learning community--in an upper-level course on legal research & writing-- team-taught by librarian, professor, and local practitioner (lawyer).
Blended learning--web self-instruction modules in Blackboard.

"Digital classroom for information literacy, " Janet Goosney, Memorial Univ.
Cutaway computer tables (I have asked her for an image to give to our new building committee).

"Birds of a Feather" were self-selected table topics.

Student-designed curricula discussion--could the students in CAP 115 create LibGuides themselves, one per section of the course? (No, unfortunately.)
At Dartmouth, a Library Resources box similar to that which Laura created for Blackboard is automatically added to all of Dartmouth's BB course sections. Could ours be?

One library has a student advisory committee to the library which reviews the website, etc., and they receive letters of recommendation from the library dean (or designate/s). To get student participation on the committee, they put a note on the library's website, advertise through Student Services, etc., and provide food at meetings.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kim,
It depends on the version of BB. We're trying to automatically add a librarian link from LibGuides to every freshman English class but we have to wait for the upgrade. Millie