Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 2010 Friends Journal

"Clashing with the “B” Word: Homophobia in Liberal Quakerism" by Alvin J. Figueroa was heartrending for my wife and I, as we experienced only love and support from our Meeting when we asked to be married under their care. I was especially astounded and appalled by Alvin's experience of liberal Friends using the Bible to oppress. How contradictory, ironic, and two-faced that seems to me. However, I have chosen to study the passages often quoted, in context of their surrounding text and the culture/time of their writing. I went to lectures, read essays, and made the effort to address the passages myself. How many of the liberal Friends in Alvin's current and former meetings have done so--especially those who used the passages in a hateful way instead of in love? How do their actions demonstrate "meeting that of God in everyone?"

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