Thursday, December 31, 2009

SDA memoir

No movement on the memoir about my time with the Seventh-day Adventists--I have one more publisher to whom I'll send a proposal in January, then I'm out of ideas. On the other hand, I've been energized by my conversations with Andy Hanson & the guest posts he has facilitated in different Adventist blogs about my experiences. I'm glad to be part of the SDA conversation on the future directions of their church, especially regarding how they deal with gays and lesbians. It's interesting reading more about Quaker history, too, especially on the splits between the "liberal" Friends and the more evangelical branches. I had wondered why, with similar prophets, the Adventists and Quakers were now so different. It is because Quakers have themselves gone in different directions--in the 1800s during the revivalist period when Adventism was also founded. The Friends' pastoral branches are much more like the Adventists, and were influenced by some of the same theological movements (Wesleyan, Finney, etc.).

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