Monday, September 28, 2009

Teaching web searching & evaluation

I revised the way I teach this session for the Advertising & PR class.
The students' question/problem=any topic related to (advertising or PR) and GVSU.
Which search engines will give the best results? Are any better than Google or Google Scholar? Set up a blog (in BlackBoard) for students to fill in answers to the questions on worksheet below.
1. Evaluate each website according to Virginia Tech's criteria[ each link in a new tab; work with others sitting at your table; write thoughts under each site below)
a. SolarBotanic :[ - artificial trees]

b. Honeywell Wind Turbine – GVSU Engineering students developed this]
2. Use a search engine [] other than Google to search for wind turbines and colleges or universities.
Compare results with your neighbors.
a. Name of search engine used:
b. Note helpful/useful features of the search engine & quality of results:

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