Saturday, June 13, 2009

Co-clerking the GRFM

Along with Joy, I'll be co-clerking the Grand Rapids Friends Meeting for the year starting July 1. Here are the questions I believe we need to start with as a Meeting.

• Who are we as a meeting? (& my own addition/take on this:) What spiritual belief [if any] do we hold in common?

• What does it mean to be a member of this meeting? What is the responsibility of the meeting to its members? What does an individual or family have a right to expect of their meeting? What is the responsibility of the member to the meeting? When there is disappointment of expectation on either side, what is a creative way to deal with this?

• Are we satisfied with how we are there for each other in times of need? Does each of us feel comfortable in sharing his or her need for help and support with the meeting community? If not, why not? How can we as a community grow toward greater trust in dropping our masks and in sharing our vulnerabilities?


Chris M. said...

Congratulations! Perhaps the Quakerly way to say it is: "May thee be faithful."

Those are great questions. I'm entering my third year of clerking my meeting, and I might just borrow a few of them, if I may.

Chris M. said...

Okay, I see the questions are from FGC, so of course they're available for others to use. Sorry to skim so fast through your post as to miss that!

I still commend your interest in bringing these questions to your meeting.

Kim Ranger said...

Thanks, Chris. I have very mixed feelings about embarking on this adventure. Do the "butterflies" go away?