Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Collaboration with Faculty

I've been asked how I achieved the collaborations I've engaged in at GVSU.

Through lots of conversation & gentleness. Passion led me to try things I was afraid of, like doing workshops for faculty & using new teaching & learning techniques in the classroom. Honesty & directness, caring & compassion, tact & trust helped me tell colleagues, "I'd like to try this with your classes, will you give me some feedback at the end?" I made small revisions--not too many at any one session--& kept a journal to track what worked & didn't. I learned to teach from the person I am (see Parker Palmer's Courage to Teach), & to use technology. I read a lot about teaching & learning, brain development, higher education, information literacy, assessment. I struggled with being open to students despite being afraid. I participated with faculty in workshops & discussion groups, & faculty governance--especially university-wide task forces. I persisted despite annoyances, frustrations, disappointments. I learned to talk the language of the disciplines and higher education.

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Amy said...

And you did well, achieving statewide and nationwide recognition for this. Don't ever forget that your efforts to bring your institution into the modern world were recognized by people as far away as Texas and Australia! No one can take that away from you.

No one.