Monday, June 16, 2008


I went to see some long-time friends in Seattle. I had more vacation than Amy, so I went alone (& we missed each other like crazy!). The coolest parts were going all over Vashon Island with Alice--woods & beach walks, "downtown" shopping & lunch--and going to Bainbridge Island with Carrie--to Bloedel Reserve which was very quiet & peaceful. The gatekeepers said it takes a couple of hours at a leisurely pace; we took 4 hours. Carrie read aloud from the guidebook & I pointed out the plants/flowers they mentioned, as much as I knew. We ate twice at a great bakery, fabulous desserts! I also enjoyed driving along Lake Washington, along a wooded trail-like road with beautiful views of the water. Carrie & I got caught up with each other's lives after 5 years of short letters...I feel more rested & relaxed.

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