Thursday, October 11, 2007

Human pace, Human face

Live at a human pace, face intimacy. One of our friends is failing at a faster pace than before so we went to see her in the hospital. The TV show, "desperados" as we call it, aka Desperate Housewives, did make a good point this week--it is in those dreadful hospital visits that our human face is most revealed, at its most human pace. Holding a hand, saying, "I love you," is one of the most intimate things we can do for a friend. Keeping a visit short, to accomodate the patient's flagging energy as well as others who want to visit, is to live at a human pace.

Intimacy sometimes begets human pace--and more intimacy. After the hospital visit, I went home exhausted, and slept the following day away as a virus worked its way through my body--and I did my best to accept the loving care of my wifely.

So, the face of God, in the pace of God?


Nancy A said...

It is a sad and heavy task to help a friend die.

Kim Ranger said...

Thanks for your acknowledgement, nancy. I liked your blog post on "Walking Prayers"--that's usually how I connect best with God.