Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Back to work; converging quakerism

It wasn't as difficult as I had thought it might be to return to work--there is plenty to do, and I am trying to figure out what to propose for a sabbatical project. I want to finish my book and get it published, but as it isn't about libraries, I'm not sure how my colleagues will respond to that. I'd like to study theology (Quaker theology specifically), or even Spanish, at the MA level--that could be tied into my being an Arts & Humanities librarian. Maybe I can make the case for the book in that it goes toward both scholarship and A&H--and may help me to understand my A&H colleagues' professional lives better, and help me to mentor my younger librarian colleagues in the scholarship & publishing aspects of their jobs.

P.S., why do I consider myself a "convergent" Quaker? Because, despite my liberal tendencies and membership in a FGC Meeting, I experienced a calling to study and worship with an evangelical-type Christian church in a very different and newer tradition than liberal Friends, which continually took me out of my comfort zone, and let me learn an enormous amount about the Bible. Because I visited an evangelical Friends meeting and felt the lack of connection between us. Because I believe in dialogue rather than dismissal, and understanding rather than merging.

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